Why Big Red Diary?

Burgundy Harvest: sensationalist, un-nuanced, reporting

Burgundy 2014: September heatwave set to save vintage

Sensationalist BS – the headline anyway – it could of-course reference the ‘Meursault to Beaune’ area but that is, from a volume perspective, clearly only a modest percentage of whole of Burgundy, and (for instance) contains no red grand crus etcetera, etcetera…

Let’s assume it was the editor who was to blame…

3 responses to “Burgundy Harvest: sensationalist, un-nuanced, reporting”

  1. jhasenpflug

    Total agreement with you there Bill. Most of the Cote de Nuits not even picked yet, and its been overcast and rainy since the thunderstorms Friday night.

  2. jhasenpflug

    Definitely Thursday evening storms. Sun fried my brains earlier this week…

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