Why Big Red Diary?

muggy, warm chassagne…

First visit in Chassagne-Montrachet this morning, 09h00.

Overnight there’s been a little rain – dirty rain – my car is filthy. It’s muggy and warm and storms are once-more forecast – many, many fingers are crossed!

A short tour of the vines shows that Chassagne was very lucky last weekend – very little of the potential crop was spoiled by the hail – probably no more than 5%. Their fingers remain firmly crossed, remembering that they lost almost 70% in 2012 to hail and other maladies…

Chassagne, today:

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  1. Mark in Pernand

    Am wondering how your latest night (4th/5th) might have been as I type this from nr Chinon, Loire – Saturday 5th Jul 7.35 a.m . As an alternative weather report it rained heavily enough overnight here to wake one from sleep and is stil raining to a lesser extent from a very dark (British type !) sky. Could be a wet trip to Amboise today requiring brollies ! The Cabernet Franc bunches on the old vignes in a clos by our gite swimming pool were looking pretty healthy yesterday. I’d take some pics but my new for the holiday Canon G16 went faulty at Chateau Usse so that will have to be returned when back in UK. To say am cross with Canon is an understatement of some magnitude – proper feelings unprintable !

  2. Alvin

    Another severe thunderstorm forecast with large hail expected. My prayers to all those poor vignerons especially those in the Cote de Beaune.

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