Why Big Red Diary?

côtes de nuits yesterday…


I simply love this line, arcade, procession, avenue of trees on the Quai Dumorey in Nuits St.Georges. I guess I’m lucky I don’t have such ‘cherry-picker’ equipment at home – otherwise I’d spend my life pruning and then lying back, thinking I’d missed a bit:

Just to show that even the most hideously expensive domaines don’t always get the quantity of spray just right – no-matter how green, bio, biodynamic, Demeter they may be! Madame B-L’s Richebourg:

Also, just to show that not everyone is suffering with yields! – Again in Richebourg:

One response to “côtes de nuits yesterday…”

  1. Alvin

    Another bout of strong thunderstorms and hail forecast for today (19 Jul) in the Cote D’Or…… time to start the machines and pray hard again! .

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