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michel lafarge’s 1993 volnay clos des chênes…


Despite their lofty reputation, and the undeniable brilliance of their wines when tasting from barrel, I’d yet to have a ‘wow’ moment with bottles from this domaine. That’s not to say that I haven’t drunk many very good bottles! Well, here’s a ‘wow’, indeed, in-fact here’s the best wine I’ve drunk this year, and that’s despite the Matrot 72 Santenots…

1993 Michel Lafarge, Volnay 1er Clos des Chênes
Still with a deep colour. The nose is dark, mineral and full of energy, some leaves and some blood – it’s so precise it seems to have been cut with a knife. The dark flavours are wide, fresh and they grow in intensity – super-focused again. This silky wine leaves a beautiful mouth-watering finish. Short and sweet (the note) but brilliant wine!
Rebuy – Yes

7 responses to “michel lafarge’s 1993 volnay clos des chênes…”

  1. Paul Clark

    Great note Bill. Quick question, did you pick this up recently at Chez Lafarge? Frédéric advised me in November that they would release some older bottles to balance the deficit endured the past few years. I wondered if you had recently helped them fill the 2012 hole. Cheers!

  2. Filippo

    Time to open up the 2014 This year’s A-list (so far…) ?

  3. Paul Clark

    Thanks Bill. In years past they have always offered back vintages with 5-15 years bottle age depending on the wine / vintage. They’re a clever bunch…everyone loves library releases and saving up for a rainy day will certainly pay after 2011, 2012, etc. Needless to say my excitement for the treasures they might bring out far exceeds my excitement for the 2012 release.

    1. Gilberto

      Hi Paul,
      this sounds great! Do you know when they will release?

  4. Peter S

    A lovely wine indeed Bill. And seems – like most good 93s – to have further improvement ahead of it.
    btw I’m thoroughly enjoying that there’s something new to read at coffee time every morning !

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