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mr halliday’s scoring – yes but…

Halliday on (some) Nicolas Potel.

Yes, I liked it too, but 96 points for 2011 Suchots? What space does that leave for really good wines?

Sorry, but ridiculous, or was James scoring in the context of Australian pinot? Not that I’m stirring the pot… 😉

3 responses to “mr halliday’s scoring – yes but…”

  1. kent

    Those are good comments. My observation is he tends to give higher numbers to wines than other professional wine raters. For instance he rates the Leeuwin Chardonnay 97 points. Or perhaps he just really like Nicolas’ wines.

  2. Gerrad UR Callahan

    my observation is that he is a serial over-scorer..in the scheme of things, but that once you get used to his system..its pretty easy to follow. 97points is for the best wine of its kind, such as leeuwin estate chardy- there i said it… Or perhaps ‘I’ like leeuwin estate (and i do) and perhaps nobody really pays much attention to what aussies think about french wine anyway..until now.. and perhaps you sir are most definitely stirring the pot..keep it up. hehe.

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