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2008 maison romaine’s corton perrières…


2008 Maison Romaine, Corton Les Perrières
Maison Romain is a side-line label for one man and his horse; the pair occasionally manage to get paid in grapes for ploughing between the vines, rather than in hard cash. The wine-making approach has been described to me as ‘natural’, and in this case at least, I would say very successfully-so…
This wine offers up a a healthy whiff of stems but I have to say that they are very pretty stems – this is rather perfumed – and with a lovely red fruit underpinning too. I really like it! Mouth-filling flavours are edged with a slightly salty note and there’s a fine but far from bright acidity that’s coupled with very good length. This is very nice wine indeed, and wine which I would happily go out and buy, but given its low-sulfur credentials, I think that I would be looking to drink it over the short-to-medium term – and frankly, that’s no shame as it drinks very well already today!
Rebuy – Yes

4 responses to “2008 maison romaine’s corton perrières…”

  1. Dan Samsoe

    Thanks for the note. Feeling a bit inspired here, so think I will try his 2008 Chambolle Feusselottes this weekend 🙂

    1. Dan Samsoe

      Just to correct myself. It was actually Les Fouchéres not Feusselottes. And it was very good.

  2. paul clark

    Bill, have you found this in Switzerland or did you pick it up in France? I grabbed a bottle the last time I was in Paris (for what seemed to me to be a pretty onerous price…50 Euro). I really enjoyed the wine and would happily pay 50 Euro again if I could find it here in the Helvetic Confederation.



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