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fourrier: that’s how you do it ;-)

Pic stolen from soyouwanttobeasommelier.blogspot.de/

A guide to serving your young bottles, from Jean-Marc Fourrier. Thanks Levi!

How many times have I told you that you needed to give them a big shake? It’s also Christophe Roumier’s preferred approach 😉

4 responses to “fourrier: that’s how you do it ;-)”

  1. Bruce Palling

    Still like to know the process – I only manage to spill the wax back into the neck

  2. Ed

    I was unconvinced that Bill’s bottle shaking method would do more than a careless, splashing pour into a decanter. I just opened and shock a fair 2010 Bourgogne and there was as much CO2 in solution as a bottle of seltzer. The pressure against my thumb on the top of the bottle was considerable and there was a fierce hiss when I let the gas free. Decanted then and must admit it is a better drink, fresher and less “masked”. Bill had it.

  3. Claude Kolm

    It works but for a different reason, I assume, for old wines, too.

    Some years ago, I was talking with Kermit Lynch about the amazing preservative properties of sediment in wine (I’ve left bottles open with the dregs that I decanted off and come back to them literally weeks later and the remains were still fresh). Kermit said that he had had a longtime customer come in with an older bottle that seemed shot out of bottle. The customer then shook up the bottle, and the wine was much fresher. I’ve tried this, too, and it works.

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