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fourrier 2007 morey st.denis clos solon and brute force…

After the 2005 Goulots, I couldn’t resist attacking another of these. The only real thing to separate the two bottles was a cork that kicked and screamed not to be freed from the neck of the bottle – indeed the first half of the cork completely disintegrated in protest. Fortunately the last half came out with a sigh, and in one piece, so I didn’t have to filter the wine!

2007 Fourrier, Morey St.Denis Clos Solon VV
Rebuy – Yes

4 responses to “fourrier 2007 morey st.denis clos solon and brute force…”

  1. antoine

    So Bill, how was the wine? Any good? Better than the cork?

  2. kmm

    Bill, The “Brute Force” in the title fooled me into thinking you were referring to the wine itself:-). I have had several ’07’s from Fourrier, Roumier and a few others with the exact same cork experience. I have had to “filter” one or two of them. It seems really abnormal to occur so often in a single vintage! Have you noticed this as well with other ’07 Burgs?

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