Why Big Red Diary?


Prompted by Mark over in our forum:

Perhaps I should invent a ‘hashtag’ – #ladypyrazines anyone?

6 responses to “#ladypyrazines…”

  1. Mark in Pernand

    Replies ok here or on the Forum ? Will assume the former for now but most definitely yes, London for me please. Would be happy to contribute a wine if that helps ?

    The other Mark (G this one).

  2. willersc

    I’d be up for this too…

  3. Mark B

    Bill, Absolutely;: London again; June is perfect.

  4. phil eaves

    Hi Bill yes put me down as a definate thanks Phil

  5. coilycodpeace

    Obviously a definite yes from me; June will be perfect. Happy to help as well if you need any assistance with anything?

  6. jossnotjosh

    Count me in

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