Why Big Red Diary?


A new Burgundy Report!
The Nuits Report

4 responses to “Finally…”

  1. Sycamore

    Thanks for the great Report, Bill, as always — greatly appreciated!

  2. Mark Goldberg

    Great report,bill. i always look forward to your new posts. Also, thank you for getting us the discount on The World of Fine Wines.

  3. burgundyfan

    Many thanks Bill, super report. I learn always something new when your report comes out.You know I’m a fan of Serveau(x). His Chaines Carteaux is for me one of the better Nuits.

  4. coilycodpeaceLliwiau Llachar

    Brilliant report as always Bill; well worth waiting for. Nuits is one of the villages that I don’t know too much about so your observations and thoughts are very useful.

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