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jean-marc bouley 2010 bourgogne hautes côtes de beaune

2010 Jean-Marc Bouley, Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune
Medium-plus colour. Not super-concentrated aromas but the delicate dark red berries are rather precise. The obvious first impression is the tightening of your cheeks due to the forward acidity, only afterwards do you get your reward of an intense, rather concentrated fruit, it’s like a summer-pudding – to which you might normally add a little cream or sugar! I’m certainly enjoying it, and returning to it (often!). It’s lovely, but I’d say drink it in it’s first three years to avoid it becoming harsh as the fruit fades, but it has a lovely fine and transparent fruit finish. Day 2 the last 1/3rd of the bottle seemed more balanced – certainly a super Bourgogne.
Rebuy – Yes

2 responses to “jean-marc bouley 2010 bourgogne hautes côtes de beaune”

  1. Wolfgang Frey

    Hey, that’s my most favourite Bourgogne alhough it’s rather a hidden Volnay Village given how close the vines are. Thomas is probably one of the most talented young winemakers in Burgundy. We had the 2010 Volnay Vieille Vigne yesterday evening, an absolutely gorgeous, elegant and balanced wine with very fine tannins.

  2. Mark in Pernand

    Wolfgang, don’t disagree at all – Thomas is a great guy and, for me also, right up there amongst the best current vignerons on te Cote (of any age).

    Any wine of his I’ve tasted has been super.

    Must try that Hautes Cotes – maybe one for any 2011 purchases.


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