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hudelot-noellat 2006 nuits st.georges les murgers

It’s been a while since I opened a 2006, and given that I thought Nuits/Vosne to be the very epicentre of 2006 quality – where better to start(?)

2006 Alain Hudelot-Noellat, Nuits St.Georges 1er Les Murgers
Medium-plus colour. The nose is deep and dark-shaded with almost black cherry notes to the fore – let the glass drain and there are beguiling red fruit notes too. Despite being at an ‘awkward’ age, there is still some padding to the texture, and the high-toned dark fruit has a real underpinning of tannin and acidity – currently they have a fine balance, despite the tannin’s texture being just-about the wrong side of velvet – but it’s a lovely package, really lovely. Surprisingly open and giving right now; more masculine than feminine but with character and flavour – in spades. Just a very lovely bottle. I may have to revisit the price, perhaps it is worth adding a few more to the cellar.
Rebuy – Yes (note, there’s a difference between a ‘passive’ and an ‘active ‘rebuy’…)

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  1. Joachim

    Funny, just yesterday I ordered three bottles. Happy to hear that its worth it!

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