harvest – a couple of quotes

More for fun than info:

Laurent Ponsot:

“Today’s our last harvest day (Friday 16th!) and for sure I’m quite busy… I’m working one month per year and it’s now!!! More to come in a while on that subject…”

Yves Confuron (de Courcel):

“I’m up to my neck in it, we finish today” (that’s Saturday 17th!)

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  1. Mark in Pernand

    Bound to say am surprised only at de Courcel, and not least as he’s in part Cote de Beaune.

    Not at all surprised at Ponsot though as he seems to be on a known ‘mission’, as witnessed last year, to be the last domaine locally to start picking just almost on principle. I think Ponsot started the day after i.e 11/09/2011 we (Arlaud, & most other domaines locally) finished. Ponsot baffles the other vignerons with this strategy which seems a mite risky simply if hail were to strike (as could have done). As bunches I was cutting were almost falling off ripe then Ponsot seems to be going to the ‘edge’ or beyond. He’s one astute, first class, thinking vigneron though so who knows who’s right or wrong ? Guess the bottles will tell idc.

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