gilles bouton 2009 st.aubin 1er en remilly


Bingo – super wine, stunning price.

2009 Gilles Bouton, St.Aubin 1er En Remilly
Medium, lemon yellow. This has a depth of aroma matched by fine high-tones – it’s rather pretty. Width, depth and roundness of texture are obvious, coupled to fine acidity. Currently this is, by far, the most impressive and intense of these St.Aubins – lovely wine – I will have to buy (even) more!
Rebuy – Yes

5 responses to “gilles bouton 2009 st.aubin 1er en remilly”

  1. JT

    Bill, any 09 Hubert Lamy in your list of St. Aubins to pop?

  2. Michael Warner

    So what sort of price point are we talking about here ?

    I’ve been searching for some under the radar producers with good value whites for every day – or every week – drinking. But so far much less success than with the reds.

  3. Michael Warner

    Thanks Bill – and keep the recommendations coming !

    I’ve made a resolution to buy mainly direct from the domaine and to concentrate on a nice spread of low profile places.

    The hard part of this is convincing the family that Burgundy is the ideal holiday destination !

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