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alex gambal 2004 st.aubin 1er dents du chien


I’ve bought this every vintage since Alex’s inaugural 2001 – except the 2003 of-course…
I just took delivery of the 08s but thought it prudent to check on some older bottles. It’s a shame that decisions on what to open are today as much driven by the question of p.ox as what appeals, but to-date I’ve had no issues with this cuvée, or come to think of it with this producer. I think I have a lonesome 01 somewhere and certainly some 02 mags, but I will resist temptation for a while longer – let the mags at least reach their 10th birthday!

2004 Alex Gambal, St.Aubin 1er Murgers des Dents du Chien
Medium golden colour. The nose is a blend of slightly musky, creamy Puligny style invitation and a much riper core of yellow fruit. In the mouth this has a good width that’s coupled to very good acidity – it seems with riper fruit flavours than in its youth. Grows a little in the mid-palate then slowly decays. It’s a lovely wine, but one I slightly preferred in its youth and would certainly prefer in another 5 or 6 years – ah c’est la vie! At least I can settle down and enjoy it for what it is.
Rebuy – Yes

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  1. Mark in Pernand

    Sounds very tasty indeed Bill.

    Key question :- which do you prefer ? This wine or Alex’s Bourgogne Blanc you and I know and love 😉 ?


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