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mugnier 1999 chambolle – part deux

After the (half) bottle at the weekend I was compelled to check it wasn’t an aberrant bottle – it wasn’t. One might convince oneself that the volatile impression is actually a heavy floral note – and the last drops in the glass are quite fine – but that would be stretching a point, and the flowers are not something I’d buy, at least not today. Slightly bitter and tart is something I’m more likely to forgive given its age. Let’s see, but definitely a wine to leave sleeping – its first three years were way better than this showing; I’m almost tempted to try an Amoureuses to make sure I don’t miss something…

3 responses to “mugnier 1999 chambolle – part deux”

  1. Rick Dalia

    For what it’s worth, I recently had a ’99 Groffier – Les Sentiers (750 cc format) and it was drinking quite well, but definitely years more will help. Yes, different producer and different styles, different vineyard, but just some input on Chambolle in this vintage.

  2. Tom Blach

    Was this also a half, Bill?

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