ponsot/chézeaux 2008 clos st.denis tvv…


I decided I’d had enough of that old wine – time for some good new stuff 😉

2008 des Chézeaux (Ponsot), Clos St.Denis Très Vieilles Vignes
Ardea sealed and these things are frankly a pain in the arse to remove. Medium-plus purple-rimmed colour. The nose starts dense and unyielding but very quickly develops a dark macerating fruit aroma, then slowly evolves, adding dimension with beautiful high-toned berries – they take on an exquisite almost jellied dimension. I think I am in the presence of greatness – but before getting carried away, let’s taste. Silky, but it’s pure sinew and muscle, there’s not an ounce of fat. There is plenty of acidity but the flavours it helps introduce are incredibly intense and long lasting – those flavours start as essence of fruit and end as rocks. I dare say that I could really bore you with a long list of adjectives if I follow it for a couple of hours – but I only need five minutes to confirm what the nose suggested: I’m in the presence of greatness.
Rebuy – Yes

Maybe I taste too much nice stuff these days, so rarely do I find that emotional dimension – but it is here.

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  1. Robert Tang

    I don’t see the Ponsot name anywhere on the label- is Ponsot the only one making this for Chezeaux?? Thanks

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