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presenting the world champion producer of pinot noir (2010)

donatsch-pn-passionMartin Donatsch from Weingut Donatsch in Malans, Graubunden (Grisons, Switzerland) has apparently won this year’s competition for “Champion du Monde des Producteurs du Pinot Noir” – the world champion among the pinot noir producers to you and me. The wine concerned was Martin’s 2008 Malanser Pinot Noir «Passion».

No fewer than 1,100 wines were tasted in July by ‘an international jury’ in Sierre, Switzerland. 71 wines (6 percent) won gold medals and 260 won silver – even some French wines acheived a silver medal! I wonder how that percentage compares to the IWC(?) – I looked at the IWC site but it looked like I would have had to do lots of counting! Anyway I’ve bought a couple of bottles to see how it squares up to a Richebourg-or-so. They should arrive next week!

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  1. Rick Dalia

    Bill said:
    “Anyway I’ve bought a couple of bottles to see …”
    Ha, it looks like their marketing ploy has worked. I’m intrigued now too. I’m on the search….

  2. Don Cornwell


    Of the 71 wines that won gold medals, how many were from Switzerland? And how many from Burgundy?

    More importantly, how did the 1100 wines get selected? If its like the typical large wine contests here (e.g. Orange County Fair, Sonoma County Fair, etc), the wineries who enter do so in the hope they will get some positive press/free publicity. Those that make great wines don’t need to have their wines judged in fairs to sell them, so the best wines are almost never included.

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  4. bologni

    This Pinot Noir is really fantastic, I’ve tasted the 2005 vintage and 2006, but the white wines of this winery are even better.
    This wine region is really interesting and should not be underestimated.

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