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jean raphet 1999 chambertin clos de bèze


I decided to buy the last bottles at the shop before publishing this, shame there were only 2 left! If I were you I wouldn’t believe the winesearcher result for switzerland for the next few days 😉

This wine is not yet the ‘full package’, but in terms of aroma and texture, coupled to no flaws, this is easily the most compelling wine I’ve drunk at home so-far this year!

1999 Jean Raphet, Chambertin Clos de Bèze
Medium-plus colour. The nose is a precocious and heady mix of sweet dark red and black fruits covered by a heavy floral scent; what’s the word I’m looking for(?) – ah yes – Gorgeous! It becomes a pure beacon of blackcurrant as some other great 99s show. Silky smooth with a hint of fat – there is real executive texture here. No fireworks, this 99 is restrained and linear right the way into the mineral / fruit with a creamy undertow finish. Subtle but very, very long. Wow, where have you been all my life Jean Raphet(?) Despite how friendly it is, clearly the palate is just a little tight yet there is ample material here for the future – such a shame there were only 2 more.
Rebuy – Yes

3 responses to “jean raphet 1999 chambertin clos de bèze”

  1. Mark in Pernand

    Sounds ab fab Bill !

    Is Raphet’s place right next door to the original Arlaud buildings just off the main place in Morey on the Gevrey direction road ?

    If so think I might be ‘investigating’ next vendange time as I’m almost decided to return to Arlaud for 2010 if they’ll have me – tough call though as Pernand was tres bon.

  2. aimee m.

    main place in Morey (where the boulangerie/cafe is), off to the right. it’s a house with a courtyard and there should be a small sign, if I remember correctly. Gerard (the son of Jean, long retired) is a man of few, if any, words — but his wines (as well as his fathers’) are certainly on the “things to drink before you die” list. really amazing stuff here. (as well as at Arlaud as you no doubt already know!) 🙂

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