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nicolas potel 99 maison dieu bourgogne vieilles vignes

We need more bourgogne – maybe one tomorrow too 😉

1999 Maison Nicolas Potel, Bourgogne Maison Dieu Vieilles Vignes
Medium, medium-plus colour. When first opened there’s a dark waft of oak supported by some bright cherry. Time in the glass makes the oak fade and the fruit come more to the fore, soft, sometimes powdery but very pretty red-cherry fruit. More than decent concentration for a regional, good acidity and balance. The tannin is mainly resolved though there’s still a little velvet-style texture. The finish is mouth-watering, sweet and red-coloured. The longer it was open, the better it tasted. Very nice indeed.
Rebuy – Yes

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  1. Richard Brooks

    I had a few bottles of this and the 98 a few years ago. At that time the 98 was clearly the better drink: denser and more serious without being hard. Maybe I drank the 99 too soon…

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