“burgundy predicts magnificent 2009”

Well that’s the message from the Decanter newsfeed anyway.

Decanter is the best source of wine-related news, but notes like this do them no service. We, (the readers here anyway) already know that things look great, but if Decanter really want to be taken seriously as a news service, rather than repeat, verbatim, industry-body prognostications (marketing communications), they should do some additional investigation of their own – it’s not hard to check the weather forecast is it?

4_castFor the record, the vines seem in at least as good health today, as they did at the same stage of maturity in 2005. But it rained quite a bit yesterday and look at the next days’ weather forecast… Looking on the bright side, the cooler temperatures will, to an extent, mollify the opportunity for rot outbreaks.

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  1. Josh

    Ok, so being a Burgundy n00b, is rain common during harvest? Since 05 was considered such a benchmark year, what was the weather like during harvest then?

  2. bmcq

    Most amusing is that the google ad link the following to this Decanter prophecy:

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