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2005 fleurie ‘printemps’- yvon metras

metras fleurie printemps 2005

2005 Yvon Metras, Fleurie Printemps try to find this wine...
Medium, medium-plus cherry red colour. What to make of the nose? Wide, fruit driven, definitely not pinot noir, but a rather fecund, almost dirty edge to the creamy summer-fruit nose – there is freshness and personality in spades – it’s sort of reduced but not… In the mouth it delivers less than the nose, but is smooth, balanced and just maybe there’s a bit of that ‘dirty’ thing going on in the mid-palate too. It’s Fleurie, and your grandmother may not like it, but I think it’s great. I think it’s even greater when I see the price!

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  1. Rudi

    I have been dying to have more Yvon Metras wine since he stopped exporting to the US via Kermit Lynch in Berkeley, California. How can I get my hands on some in the US?

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