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(another) pavelot dominode – 2000

pavelot 2000 la dominode

A new label in 2000 and a new domaine name as Hugues takes on more of the work.
2000 JM et Hugues Pavelot, Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er, La Dominode try to find this wine...
Medium colour. Plenty of depth and interest on the nose – black-cherry shaded. The balance is rather good – good acidity and fresh, darker fruit flavours. The tannins have a little bitter chocolate edge, but there’s real depth here – very successful for the vintage, little of the 2000 confiture on the nose and palate. Clearly a little rustic in the finish, but it’s got good length.
Rebuy – Yes
These were excellent buys at those long-gone prices – perhaps I should have bought more than 6!

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  1. Paul van der Vaart

    Hi Bill,

    I visited Pavelot last May and got me some 06 Serpentieres, I am just curious what you paid for the ’00 and ’99 Dominode….



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