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2005 tollot-beaut, chorey-lès-beaune

2005 Tollot-Beaut, Chorey-lès-Beaune try to find this wine...
Quite deeply coloured. The nose is deep, broad and significantly oaked – but it’s rather impressive and fun too relative to the price and appellation. Directly after the Voillot Rugiens there is similar density but nothing close to the clarity, focus or intensity – but then we’re at 40% of the sticker price. Fun and tasty, also very good value – just don’t line it up with anything too flashy.
Rebuy – Yes

3 responses to “2005 tollot-beaut, chorey-lès-beaune”

  1. ed

    Love economical Burgundy. I’ve had similarly good Chorey-l-B and Ladoix from great vintages, they can be dire in lesser years. Had a simple Bourgogne 05 from Rebourgeon Michel last evening that was a delight, particularly with the steak frites and green beans.

  2. Ralph

    I recently tasted this Tollot-Beaut Chorey-les-Beaune 2005 at an event in New Zealand with a group of people including several winemakers and two MWs. The wine seemed strongly influenced by brettanomyces to the point of having its fruit completely obscured. Quite unpleasant, especially compared to the freshness and intensity of the Aubert de Villaine Mercurey 1er Cru Les Mintots 2005 served alongside. Am I just a member of the “Brett-Nazis” or did any body else see this unpleasant trait?

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