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dujac 1999 morey saint-denis

dujac morey saint-denis 1999
1999 Dujac, Morey Saint-Denistry to find this wine...
Medium-plus ruby-red colour. The nose is brown-sugar sweet with quite some understated density, very subtle stems and eventually a mix of black cherry and a last note of redcurrant. The palate is very well textured with fine grained tannin offsetting dense fruit and very good acidity. The only negative today is a little oak-driven bitterness on the finish. This is showing as a very young wine – much younger and denser than the 1995 at the same stage of evolution (or perhaps better to say age) – I wouldn’t open another for 3-5 years. Perhaps it’s time to dig out another 95…
Rebuy – Yes

5 responses to “dujac 1999 morey saint-denis”

  1. Chris Sweeney

    Bill, thanks for the notes. Wondering if you could comment on the 2000 vintage of this wine? Do you think it would be earlier drinking than the 1999?



  2. Chris Sweeney

    Ok Bill, thanks for the clarification. One to put away for a few years then.



  3. Kent Comley

    FWIW, the 88 was drinking REALLY well a couple of years ago.
    This wine can be one of the best Village wines in Burgundy from my experience – the 96 was stunning juice.

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