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jadot 04 bourgogne chardonnay

jadot amalgum cork
There’s only one thing that I really dislike about this wine – the cork – or should I say the cork ‘amalgam’. It’s purely empirical, but I find a very high taint rate from similar ‘cheap’ closures – no problem with this bottle though.
2004 Louis Jadot, Bourgogne Chardonnaytry to find this wine...
The 2002 was my house wine last summer so it’s only fair to try out the 2004. Medium yellow. The nose is less sweet oak dominated than the 02, it’s higher toned, just a little floral with a quite subtle oak base. This has a quite rich texture that’s offset by a little dissolved gas which makes the acidity a little prickley. There’s a nice expansion of creamy flavour in the mid-palate and a more than reasonable length. Give it time and the prickle is gone and the palate is nicely smooth. Just a little less rich and sweet than the 2002. It’s very good for the price if not quite as good as the 2002 – though this very young – it has a chance of being a house wine for summer 2008, but won’t make it for 2007, the 05’s are currently too good.
Rebuy – Yes

7 responses to “jadot 04 bourgogne chardonnay”

  1. Kent Comley

    That’s a Diam cork and taint rates are good with these. BTW, 04 Fevre Petit Chablis is also sealed with Diam. Agree that they’re not pretty!

  2. Fred Schilling

    roll on screwcaps, I say. Looks like they are starting to creep into the Cote d’Or now.
    Cheers, Fred

  3. Jamie Goode

    Bill, you haven’t been paying attention. The Diam, which you have here, is an altogether different beast from agglos (which suffer an appalling taint rate) – it’s taint free, cured by supercritical carbondioxide washing of the cork granules. IMHO a fine closure, and less problematic (in terms of reduction) than screwcaps with a tin liner.

  4. Jamie Goode

    Should add, tried this last week and it’s a lovely wine – I was really impressed by it.

  5. M. Young

    The cork in my Louis Jajot Chardonnay bottle was rotten and fell apart when my Screwpull corkscrew got stuck in it. After trying unsuccessfully to uncork bottle for 10 minutes, it slipped out of my hands onto marble floor and shattered. Luckily I didn’t cut myself in the process. I have opened hundreds of bottles of wine and never had this happen before. I would like to get a refund or a replacement bottle with a decent cork. Don’t know how to contact the distributor. The wine is good, but before I can drink it, I must able to uncork properly. Hope I don’t have to stop purchasing Louis Jadot wines because of this problem.

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