Travels in Burgundy 2022

weekend pics…

By billn on June 12, 2022 #travels in burgundy 2022

Romanée St.VivantThe jungle of Romanée St.Vivant, today…

Warmer and drier than last weekend – a lot – in fact, 32.5°C today with 36°C on the horizon for later this week!

early april visits…

By billn on April 19, 2022 #reports#travels in burgundy 2022

Early April 2022 visits

Okay, that was a nice week’s holiday, I’ll put some images of the places visited online tomorrow. But now it’s time to get the site back in order.

Later this week the Beaujolais 2020 report will be online, but first a peek at the visits that I started this month with. See how many you can name – enjoy!

Some days in Chablis…

By billn on April 09, 2022 #travels in burgundy 2022

There was a mix of sun and rain this week in Chablis – and, of course, starting with the frosty Sunday-Monday.

More on the frost after tonight’s brush with 0°C – or lower. More later, too, on the moon-scapes of herbicide treated vines – but that’s not just a Chablis problem – you’re almost as likely to find herbicide in the grand crus of the Côte d’Or, as you are to find it in the grand crus of Chablis, sad to say…

frost watch and electric cables…

By billn on March 30, 2022 #travels in burgundy 2022#vintage 2022

I shared a photo with you from Monday afternoon as the team of Eric Germain at Vincent Girardin were placing candles in their vines – these buds not just in the ‘cotton‘ stage but also starting to open. That said, these are the buds of the more precocious young vines – the more mature vines being less obviously advanced.

This is an important point for now – the timing of this week’s warmth and next week’s (forecast) snow and negative temperatures being exactly as per last year, but:

  • The high temperatures have been less high than in 2021.
  • The forecast low temperatures for the coming days will be less low than in 2021
  • Given that the last few weeks of fine weather have usually started their days with morning frosts, the vines are less advanced in their growth-cycle than last year.

So – it’s still an issue for the young vines in the next days – and the Saint-Glace – the day after which the growers can forget about frosts – is still more than 6 weeks away. So what more can the growers do?

I noted on Monday that the upper part (of the lower part!) of Meursault-Genevrières was being prepared for trace electrical heating cables. This generally requires a lot of infrastructure work to bring the electricity supply into the vines – though is otherwise much more environmentally conscious than the use of candles – including the more expensive ‘organic’ candles option. Or you bring a generator into the vineyards to power the cables for the time that you’re going to need them – this was the approach of Bonneau du Martry in their vines yesterday – see the images below.

Of-course, the windmills are still an option this year as it doesn’t look like the deep Winter frost that came in 2021 is expected this year – ‘just‘ the Spring variant. These windmills are starting to crop up in the vines, in waiting. Of course, they also use their own generators to function.

Finally, just a few other photos from yesterday – including a reprehensible 12-rows, or-so, of Grands-Echézeaux vines that have been laced with herbicide. I bet the owners of the nicely ploughed rows on both sides of this dirty dozen are ecstatic!

hot, a couple of rocks and the return of the…

By billn on March 28, 2022 #travels in burgundy 2022#vintage 2022

Almost 23°C in the Côte de Beaune this afternoon.

This same week, last year, I saw 27°C in Chablis and we all know what happened the week after. Some people are already preparing for the next days – the forecasts are suggesting that heading into the weekend it could snow…

that was the week that was (tw3…)

By billn on March 18, 2022 #travels in burgundy 2022

That was the week. A couple of visits in the Côte d’Or and the rest in Beaujolais.

Next week is a week of typing – maybe February’s report on Beaujolais 2020 will be close to publication by the end of the week – fingers crossed! In the meantime, here are a few images from the end of this week:

Out and about in (greater!) Burgundy this week

By billn on March 16, 2022 #travels in burgundy 2022

Beaujolais cherry blossom...
Cherry blossom in Villefranche(SS) today…

Of-course, the town centre of Villefranche-sur-Saône is a little warmer than the surrounding countryside, but here, the cherry blossom is in full song!

I have a mix of locations – Beaune and the Beaujolais – but only one visit in the (Hautes) Côtes this week – I’m mainly catching up on those domaines that had to cancel, or didn’t fit on my 3-week schedule from February. I have to give an honourable mention to the super 2018 Aligoté from the last vintage chez Alex Gambal – it was so delicious – which reminded me that the purchasers of Alex’s business (JC Boisset) still had some stock of his wines from the last vintages – now they have 5 cases fewer 🙂

And the rest? – well, there’s a new ‘pizzeria’ in Beaune where I can highly recommend ‘mama’s lasagne!’ and then there was the Sahara rain that engulfed everywhere Monday and into Tuesday. Reports are that there will be a sandy reprise at the weekend too when I will be back in Switzerland – but the question remains – to jetwash or not to jetwash – it will probably rain in Switzerland too…

No St.Vincent, no Hospices de Nuits, no Grands Jours for me in the next days – too many people in small spaces…


the almond trees

By billn on March 13, 2022 #travels in burgundy 2022

amandier - volnay clos des santenots

It’s that time of year – yes already!

And this is one of the best shows of blooms – the old tree at the top of Jacques Prieur’s Volnay 1er Clos des Santenots. These pictures from yesterday…

last week (mainly) in Beaujolais…

By billn on February 28, 2022 #site updates#travels in burgundy 2022

A few days at home, this week and the start of next, will allow the site ‘plumbing’ to be completed and, of course, will allow me to start tackling the mountain of Beaujolais visit reports – 67 done with more visits (15-or-so) to do in March due to cancellations, etcetera – there are still plenty of ‘postives‘ out there!

But here’s a few images from last week:

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