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Guillaume Berthier 2021 Domaine Henri RichardTasted in Gevrey-Chambertin with Guillaume Berthier, 28 April 2021.

Domaine Henri Richard
75 Route de Beaune
21220 Gevrey-Chambertin
Tel: +33 9 62 08 00 17
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I’ve followed the wines from here since the 2013 vintage but latterly via the Roi Chambertin tasting rather than actually visiting. Given the lack of a Roi Chambertin last year I took the opportunity to pay a visit.

The domaine has updated and extended their cuverie since I was last there in 2015.

First I asked how the frost was for the domaine in Gevrey: “Our Charmes is always a little late so it wasn’t touched by this year’s frost but the earlier vines were badly hit and some certainly have 80% losses – or that seems to be the case right now.

Guillaume on 2019:
2019 is a sunny vintage with a bit higher alcohols than usual but there’s a nice material to the vines. I think they are less dense, finer, than the 2018s for instance but we like them a lot – we are in a run of many fine vintages in 2000s… Comparing our Mazoyères-Chambertin; in 2017 this was the one that drank the best young, in 2018 it was the Charmes. I think the 2019s directly more drinkable young than the 2018s – which are only just starting to soften now…

The wines…

Wines that reflect their makers love of whole-clusters but delivered in delicious, elegantly perfumed packages though have no lack of concentration. This remains an under-reported but delicious source of high-quality Gevrey-Chambertin.

All the wines had been in bottle for about 2 weeks when I visited:

2019 Côte de Nuits Villages Blanc
All pinot blanc from Brochon.
Some ripe yellow citrus here – but very attractive. Vibrant, with depth of flavour coupled with lots of energy – growing a little mineral and saline – this is lovely – and it’s all pinot blanc! Yum!

2019 Gevrey-Chambertin Aux Corvées
Vines next to their neighbours, Domaine Henri Rebourseau. The domaine’s 2 hectares of Gevrey Aux Corvées has different vine ages, so two cuvées are produced from that, this and their Tuilièries
A width of textural, not quite smoky but clearly whole-cluster perfume. I like the feel and shape of this in the mouth – lots of volume but also a clarity of fine flavour that’s cut by a mouth-watering minerality – extra intense in the middle to finishing flavours. A texture from the tannin sticks to the gums – but no grain and hardly astringent. Very long – this will be really excellent age 5-10…

2019 Gevrey-Chambertin Les Tuilèries
This cuvée exists since 2013 and reflects the old name of the house. It’s made from vines of one soil type which has a high component of millerandes. Planted in 1980s.
Here there’s extra freshness to the wc perfume – suffused with floral and fruit references – that’s really super – a great invitation. Extra freshness and width, the same energy. A little more structural towards the finish. For keeping longer yet – with an extra purity that means it will also offer more joy young – a great combination!

2019 Charmes-Chambertin
About one hectare of vines for this and the following but with two very different soil types and multiple planting ages – 1921 the oldest vines – from 7 different parcels.
A very different style – deeper aromatics – almost smoky from the stems, vibrant below but less open above. Extra sweetness – completely mouth-filling – the tannin present but without grain. A super intensity of finishing flavour – that’s incredibly impressive but not really a wine for drinking today – such a persistent finish – bravo here – and an excellent cellar candidate!

2019 Mazoyères-Chambertin
That’s an impressively different aroma – a distinct white pepper note – behind a freshness – less overtly smoky but still a perfumed whole cluster note. An extra vibration of of energy here – a wine filled with perfume – the modest austerity of the Charmes is hardly visible here – this is a grand cru you could keep or drink now. Sustaining here too, a great finish, slightly textured with he tannin but again no grain – super persistent – such an excellent wine!

Cremant de Bourgogne
Made since 2014; aligoté and pinot blanc also 50:50 a mix of older base wine and the wine of the vintage. Brut – no dosage. This particular bottle the blend of 2014/2015 base wines – not made every year – probably every second year – 36 months of elevage.
A sweetness of aroma – with a small prickle of bubbles – the flavour slowly going deeper – quite pure and ripe. Mouth-filling, layered, a mineral flavour but mixed with more floral references – which become stronger as you head into the finish. Concentrated finishing flavour but still with some lightness of touch. That’s a delicious crémant!

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