thurs 19 Sept – harvest 2019 update

Update 20.9.2019(19.9.2019)billn

2019 Pommard Vaumuriens
2019 Pommard Vaumuriens on steroids!

My home domaine’s day started in a calm fashion – two plots of villages Beaune in the programme – Montée Rouge which as it sounds is a plot high on the hillside – and Bons Feuvres, a plot on the flat that borders the road to Pommard. The policy of the domaine is to showcase the differences rather than blend to make a ‘generic’ cuvée of villages Beaune. In both cases, these plots were true to the vintage – ripe, crunchy, thick-skinned, a little rot and dried-out berries to triage – super villages in 2019.

We did a long morning session – running through to a lunch-break only at 14h15 – mainly because the bins of grapes were coming in a little quicker than in many vintages – easy grapes to find/harvest, easy underfoot too – perfect conditions to pick – not too hot either as the cool wind was still with us, despite azure-blue skies. That brought us to ‘change of plan time:’ We’d planned our plot of Pommard Vaumuriens to be the final pick tomorrow, but gave the pickers the option of continuing to a ~6pm finish in the vines or finishing a little earlier and come back on Friday for just 2 hours of picking – they chose the former!

I joined the team in Vaumuriens, returning with the grapes, the horns of our vans blaring to announce the end of our vintage – much to the bemusement of ‘non-locals.’ Of course, returning to the winery at this time meant that all the triage was still to be done – we finished at nearly 8pm. Great grapes from a super vineyard with such brilliant views towards Pommard and the Saône plain beyond – and what a difference to last year when they were hailed so the maturity was delayed by 10 days!

Tomorrow will be our Paulée 😉

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Mike de Lange20th September 2019 at 7:40 amPermalinkReply

    Is it me or was that a very quick harvest?

    • billn20th September 2019 at 7:44 amPermalinkReply

      8 days for us, which is close to normal, Mike. But certainly riper vintages are more ‘compressed’ – but that’s most years now, eh?

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