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To those on my old, almost forgotten, mailing list, plus subscribers new and old, I’ll send out a mailshot this week – my roughly annual mailshot!

For those of you happy enough to browse just here, then here’s the news: On Friday, after 13 years of server stability and slowly growing this site, 100% self-developed (okay, 90%!) since 2002, I finally bit the bullet and got professionals to fix all my bad plumbing!

Midday on Friday (that’s European time for those further afield – plus Brexiters) this site will move to a new service provider and will change a lot. The starting point will be:

  • Wow that’s a lot faster!
  • Wow that’s a lot more stable too – no more intermittent ‘memory errors!’
  • Wow – it now displays properly on tablets and phones – which 50% and growing of you all seem to use now
  • A few subscribers will have noted instability in their subscriptions – always extra work monitoring and fixing for me – I’m led to believe that with this bleeding-edge software, that will be a thing of the past.
  • I’ll describe the design as workmanlike and pragmatic for this first (but expensive) iteration. I’ll see how it beds in and may look at a phase 2 in 6-12 months – but that will just be 80% cosmetic. Let’s see…

Hopefully you will get along okay with everything.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

Burgundy Report

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