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electric-wineBrowsing 137 years of Popular Science magazine, I’m reminded that it’s quite a while since my ‘dupes revisited‘ post. Just to show that all is not new under the sun:

All those years years of Popular Science magazine’s scientific scoops (!) are now freely available online here.

The format is similar to Google Books – you make a search and your chosen result is displayed in a viewer. I played for only 5 minutes, but was instantly drawn to the following link:

May 1929, page 67
Ages Wine by Electricity in a Few Hours FOR literally hundreds of years, the only method used by European wine growers to accelerate the natural ripening or aging process of wine consisted of drawing wine from one cask to another, a system known as “racking”…

I would have been interested in “the manufacturers of devices mentioned in the issue“!

Nothing new under the sun…

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