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A couple of selected quotes from this week:

David Clarke @ Morey:

Things are looking good. The weather has essentially been warm and very occasionally stormy since my last update. The storms have brought a few millimetres of unneeded rain, but thankfully nothing worse. The forecast is also dry and sunny for the next week so optimism is definitely rising. There is still no rot and we are around 10% potential alcohol already. The acidity is relatively low, but I think many people are now hoping for something at little better than the 1997 vintage I mentioned a few weeks ago. I still feel the skins are quite thick and tough so would like to wait until around the 19th if possible, but will be ready to advance that by as much as a week if the weather dictates.

Juliette Chenu @ Savigny:

So far the vines are very nice, we have had rain ( small ) twice, but it did not affect the general quality. Tha sanitary state is beautiful…
We have had a lot of sun this august compaired to the last years. And if we trust the forecasts we will have another week of sun. We are planning to harvest around the 7/10 of September. From the BIVB technical bulletin, depending on the elements, the state of the vines can be compaired to 2006/2002 or 2005..We will know more in a weeks time..But we say that August makes the moût..So it is good news you can give…

And for those with a more technical interest:
Source: BIVB Infos, 25-Aug-2009

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

There is one response to “harvest 2009 update”

  1. Mark Gough26th August 2009 at 6:56 pmPermalinkReply

    Thanks for this Bill.

    I’m waiting for the ‘nod’ from Christine Dubreuil, Domaine Dubreuil-Fontaine, Pernand to set off for the Cote from NW England. Will drive to Dover, have an overnight, then drive down to the Cote from Calais hence need a bit of notice.

    Initially the 5th Sept was a suggested start, this then seemed to ‘go out’ to the 12th, but last weekend Christine’s latest email advised they were thinking the 5th but still weren’t sure.

    Very much looking forward to it with a degree of apprehension at the ole back & knees standing up to the ‘abuse’ & whether it might rain during harvest time as the weather seems to have been so favourable thus far.

    D-F in Pernand should be quite a bit different I’m thinking to Arlaud in Morey whom I could happily have gone back to from 2008. With both blanc et rouge, 20 hectares and a mix of terroirs seems quite attractive. Thanks for giving me the thought about D-F originally. Christine seems very welcoming by email (all en francais – is any English spoken there do you know ?) and assured me no need to bring folding bed, sleeping bag etc – we’ll see ! Accomodation & sanitation can’t be more “rustic” than Arlaud – hope not !!!

    Bring it on !

    Markis de Pernand 😉

    • billn27th August 2009 at 5:33 amPermalinkReply

      Hi Mark – the chef(in) speaks fine English – though I don’t expect she will be with you in the vineyards all day 🙂

      • Mark Gough27th August 2009 at 8:19 pmPermalinkReply

        Do you mean Christine ?

        Quite – in terms of not in the vineyards all day !!

        No sooner than I posted last night & email from Christine this afternoon to say “we commence Tuesday, the 8th and can I be there for Monday, 7th, afternoon”. Can I just !! Excellent as means I can travel to Dover on Sunday having had a rest from previous week’s bank stresses on the Saturday.

        Have your Harvest page ready Bill 😉

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