for the wine-dog that doesn’t have everything



“Does your dog have the right dinnerware? … As seen in Wag Magazine, City Dog Magazine and on MSNBCs Celebrity Pet Dish, our unique eco-friendly elevated luxury dog and cat feeders promote healthy eating and drinking habits for your pet and give you the satisfaction of feeding him/her with ‘panache’.”

Dana from the aptly named Muttropolis in California urges me to share this with my reader. I get 2 or 3 commercial requests per week, but this time I crumbled.

“Pet lovers, interior designers, artists and fine wine connoisseurs are raving about the latest must-have unique pet products: Whiner and Diner unique, luxurious elevated dog and cat wine crate feeders. All pieces are artfully hand-crafted out of authentic reclaimed wooden wine crates from prestigious European or Californian vineyards.”

Apparently they also have ‘non-skid bottoms’ – was that the dog or pet feeder?

No affiliation etc., etc…

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