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Ray Walker

Ray Walker

Le Chambertin: two full and one half barrel

just got back to california, so here is an update…

Just back from Burgundy, and I feel such a relief knowing that my wines are under my own roof. Everything just seemed to fall right into place. The day of the move, I received my long awaited negociant license allowing me to move my wines to my own facility. Within two hours, I had rented […]

updates from nuits saint georges

updates from nuits saint georges

It looks like my year is off to a promising start! After dealing with so many moments of success bookended by changes of plan (largely location) it was an incredible feeling to receive the keys to the house in Nuits Saint Georges, in the center of town where my family and I will live and […]

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cuverie update – from ray walker

Not too long ago I was truly naive. I was looking forward to becoming busy. I had no idea what busy was before a few weeks ago. My lovely clutch on my new 1987 cheap BMW 3 got angry at my sloppy heal toe activities and grew bored with my eager turns through the roundabouts […]

maison ilan – update

Things have been very busy at the winery lately. With all the fruit in tank and fermenting I have been focusing on tasting, testing, punchdowns and of course more tasting. I decided to use a fair amount of whole cluster on the Morey half way because I was curious about doing it, the otherhalf because […]

moving along – with grapes!

Well, here we are with just under two weeks before my first harvest and things are moving along rather quickly. Besides the administrative tasks which keep me leapfrogging the Cote, I am sorting out bits in the cellar as well as the vineyard. It’s difficult being your own secretary, chauffeur, cellar master, and it certainly […]

Here comes Harvest…

Well, not too long ago, I was planning my first trip to Burgundy. Now, days away from leaving to Burgundy to begin my first Harvest in Burgundy, I simply cannot believe how fast time has flown. My days leading up to my Saturday departure are filled with contracts on facilities, barrel purchases, and a host […]

Main house

a new home in beaune

Hey guys! Well, the great news keep on rolling in. A few months back I was told about this facility in Beaune that was available for my project. At the time, I was just a bit more interested in sharing a facility. Well, as things have a way of doing, something better came along. This […]

a day job in Burgundy

While in Burgundy earlier this year we met a lot of new friends and contacts. While in Puligny Montrachet we met Olivier Leflaive. I had read about his hotel and wine bar on wineterroirs.com, a link that Bill links to from this blog. Upon stepping into the hotel looking for food, Olivier showed up and […]

Testing the water in Burgundy

Right. It’s been a short while since I’ve added an update. Burgundy has been amazing. The region is similar, yet different than I had expected. For one, by car, the region is a lot larger than I had expected. The villages themselves are intimate places with Boulangeries (bakeries), Bistros, and churches standing tall with ringing […]

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