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the return of musigny blanc

We were alerted to this by a comment on these pages over a week ago – I asked for info from the domaine – the response came back today:

“Indeed, 2015 sees the comeback from the great Musigny Blanc after a lengthy period. This should satisfy our loyal customers and white wine aficionados who have behaved bravely during these last 20 years and remained so patient!”
Jean-Luc Pepin, Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé

And also today the news hit the streets here.

3 responses to “the return of musigny blanc”

  1. Mike Beltran

    Over priced rarity. While a fine wine it really does not merit the tariff that is charged. Collectors will own this very nice over priced bottle. You pay of the minimal production and reputation.


    I agree with you and out of curisty will do a vertical!

  3. aseah

    I don’t think its hype at all. We tasted the 2014 Bourgogne Blanc from Vogue against some of the grand crus from several of the greatest white domaines in Burgundy and the majority of the group voted the Bourgogne Blanc as their favourite wine. So taste it and you’ll see why its fully deserving of the Musigny Grand Cru Blanc label.

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