jayer-gilles 1993 nuits hautes poirets


1993 Jayer-Gilles, Nuits St.Georges Les Hautes Poirets
Deeply coloured – still. The nose has undergrowth, dark brambles and the remnants of dark toasty oak; dark and interesting I’d say. Perhaps still a little too much toasty oak flavour but it’s the first assault before a wave a fresh, acid-borne intensity and dark fruit – really mouth-watering flavour. There is still a very faint layer of velvet tannin, so this is still something of a baby – but a communicative one…
Rebuy – Yes

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  1. goodbye to gilles jayer

    […] Jayer-Gilles was a producer/estate that I firstly knew as a producer of expensively oaked wines that needed time in the cellar before I should approach them – my last bottle was drunk very recently, over Christmas. […]

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