now there’s a thing – a new owner in montrachet…

So, following on from yesterday’s news stories, now we know how Etienne de Montille can afford to buy the Château du Puligny-Montrachet 😉 But as far as I know the Château de Puligny-Montrachet actually held 0.0428ha – that only produces a little over 200 bottles per year! – so perhaps Caroline’s decimal point slipped:

So that would make the whole vineyard worth €186.7 million….!

[EDIT] There you go:

2 responses to “now there’s a thing – a new owner in montrachet…”

  1. David Riach

    Gotta get rid of those euros as quickly as possible, Bill, and no point buying something that’s easily replaced, replicated or wears out is there?

  2. Thomas DW

    Sounds like same ballpark (per hectare) as what lalou paid for her 6 ouvrees of batard…

    Cheap it ain’t

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