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new 1er crus plus a reorganised volnay

Monthelie has 6.73 more hectares rated as premier cru. The Institut National de l’origine et de la qualité (INAO) has just classified the following four as 1er cru: Les Clous (3 ha), Le Clou des Chênes (1,5 ha), Les Barbières (1 ha), Le Clos des Toisières (0,43 ares). The INAO has also extended the area of a fifth premier cru, Les Riottes, by 80 ares, so it now covers 4 hectares.

Volnay has rather a complex patch of 1ers so rather than add more, the plan is to group some together – effective for the 2006 vintage. Four sectors have been joined together: Pitures premier cru has made a successful takeover bid for Chanlin i.e the wines produced in the locality of Chanlin will now be labelled Pitures. The same applies to En L’Ormeau which will now be included under Les Mitans. Le Ronceret will now include Les Aussy, and last, but not least, names of Carelle sous la Chapelle and Carelles-Dessous are to be merged as Carelle-Dessous la Chapelle. Easy!

The way it used to be…
old map of volnay

7 responses to “new 1er crus plus a reorganised volnay”

  1. Dan Perrelli

    Bill, Looks like you’ll have to visit Le Clos de Toisiere, if you haven’t already. Thanks for being the only “one-stop-shop” open to everyone.

  2. Phil

    Bill I am sure you are well aware that the Toisiere is a monopole of Latour in red and white ? (another page for the book)

    Has the classification been confirmed for the 06 vintage and for both colours ?

    As for the other three from Monthelie any idea who has some ownership ?

    The Volnay as far as I know was alowed from 2004 and a requirement from 2006 although knowing the Burgundians we will still see some proper names being used !


  3. Phil

    Bill thanks for that. It is now time for my anorak questions

    Les Clous you have 3 ha the original village vineyard is 04.81.48 has some not been upgraded ?
    Clou des Chenes and Barbieres has all the vineyard been upgraded although the size differences are much less significant for these two ?
    The Clos des Toisieres you have as 00.43 this must be a monopole ? as the total area for Toisieres is 7.2 ha unless Latour rent it ?

    and last Les Riottes increased by 00.80 to 4 ha ? the original vineyard was 00.75 how do they get 4 ha and from which other vineyard because as far as I can check all of the oringal vineyard was 1er no village land ?

    Bill everytime I get a handle on the premier cru someone somewhere decides to mess me about still it makes collecting very interesting ?

    cheers Phil

  4. Dan Perrelli

    Bill, you have one of the better “duty calls” I know. And Phil, thanks for the Latour info – I was guessing based on the size of Toisiere that it was a monopole. Maybe I didn’t know because I don’t drink Latour wines unless they’re in a brown bag.

  5. Phil

    Dan I know its real bad but having set myself the goal of one example from each cru I have ended up with some real eye watering gems! Other big negocee spring to mind but thats where I’ll leave em. Some of the smaller 1er producers make absolute perfect wines for their respective Appellations at such bargin prices (on the Cote) that all in all i’m better than break even, and I can always get the wife to drink the bad ones!


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