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just a little beaune this afternoon

By billn on May 24, 2019 #travels in burgundy 2019

Coffee, cakes – the usual stuff!

I started with a cold on Wednesday evening, yesterday a sore throat but I was still tasting well – but today – I can work out the temperature and balance but no more. Lucky my 110 wines, blind tasted, were yesterday! Hence, coffee and cakes 🙂

a day of mâconnais and pierres dorĂŠes…

By billn on May 22, 2019 #travels in burgundy 2019

I think the sun returned today – 23.5°C – that’s the first time since the second half of March! My visits were a homage to Chardonnay Day, though I’ll admit – one day early:

After my morning tasting of Mâconnais, I decided to jog up to the top of the Rock of Solutre – kind of disappointed that it turned out to be only 1.4 km – in my memory, it was more! Still, the distance was double as there’s also only one way down 🙂 The afternoon brought a visit to Thivin’s Clos de Rochebonne in the Pierres DorĂŠes* region of Beaujolais – their white wine, of course! Though I should note that contrary to the ethos of Chardonnay Day, Claude Geoffray has a little Gouais Blanc planted in the vineyard – well, I suppose we could say that it’s chardonnay’s mum (or dad!)

Of-course much more about today’s visits in my May Report, for subscribers…
*Did you know that ‘La Pierre DorĂŠe’ is a commercial brand of ‘industrially produced’ cheese in France? Who would have thought!?

mainly beaujolais so-far this week

By billn on May 09, 2019 #travels in burgundy 2019

And a lot of rain too – yesterday it started wet, but was dry at lunchtime so I decided to run up the CĂ´te de Py and back around to VilliĂŠ-Morgon – my timing was good – by 14h40 it was raining cats and dogs – but it was vingnerons rather than the clouds that gathered – I was lucky to escape with my life!

Today it was like April – showers and sun – actually the temperature too – nobody thinks there will be an August harvest now – more like 10 Sept in Beaujolais – let’s see!

today horses, mainly horses…

By billn on April 30, 2019 #travels in burgundy 2019

A cloudy start today but improving – tomorrow should be lovely – if I have the chance to get out – let’s see. But, maybe frost on Sunday!

wednesday: more marsannay, more dogs, some morey, lots of rain and a sunny finish

By billn on April 24, 2019 #travels in burgundy 2019#vintage 2019

The plain of Gevrey today…

Today was a wet day – not the few spots of sandy, Sahara, rain of yesterday – today was proper rain, and there will be more in the next days too. Perfect for the vines.

The vines are now pushing out their leaves such that the view of the vineyards is transitioning from its winter characteristic, to its summer characteristic; winter sees a base of green grass and weeds, with brown lines of dormant vines – now we have the contrary – ploughed brown soil with green lines of vines – the inversion is well underway!

Prior to the frost, the vines of the CĂ´te d’Or were well over 10 days ahead of the average vintage – now it’s less. This rain, coupled to temperatures in the low twenties, means that there will be a steady, rather than explosive, growth in the vines – a few days of 28-30° are needed for ‘explosive’ – and that’s not yet on the cards…

18h30 the curtain of cloud, the border between rain and blue sky, passed over Vougeot – time for another jog, in the sun, no-less!

tuesday: marsannay, dogs, plus morey and gevrey jogging…

By billn on April 23, 2019 #travels in burgundy 2019

a few views…

By billn on April 17, 2019 #travels in burgundy 2019

It started raining the moment I arrived in the CĂ´te de Nuits yesterday – so my jogging stuff still wasn’t dry by the evening – but great news for dog fanciers – the Complexe Sportif (restaurant) in Gevrey has a friendly new puppy – much fun. The dog pictured was much older – from in my last visit of the day – but still something of an icon in Marsannay!

This morning – blue sky and sunshine – until 9:00am – when all was covered in the fine mist that you usually find in Autumn – perfect for jogging around Beaune!

today’s walk: volnay->monthelie->auxey->meursault->volnay…

By billn on April 10, 2019 #travels in burgundy 2019#warning - opinion!

The rain that was forecast for practically all of this week – didn’t really materialise until this evening – at least in Beaune anyway! So today we managed a good, and dry, walk – picnicking in Meursault, before heading back via Plures, Santenots, Caillerets and Champans, to our car in Volnay. Then a quick run around Beaune before the heavens opened – oh and our apero!

Less herbicide treated vineyards to see today – except for Santenots and the ‘villages’ bottom of the hill – there’s very little in Volnay, a little more-so in Monthèlie, and at-least by the route that we took – not much treated this way in Meursault. 20 years ago I could understand the use of glyphosate – the wines whilst not cheap, weren’t expensive either. Today these are all expensive wines, and there’s no excuse…

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