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a vendangeur’s (pictoral) tale… (part deux)

By Marko de Morey de la Vosne on October 08, 2013 #harvests#vintage 2013

Panting arrival here straight from cleaning myself up with Charmes after lunch and then to finish the afternoon, Mazoyeres – but some day 2 pics:

Les tres rapid couper belles Sandrine and Sophie-001
Les tres rapid couper belles Sandrine and Sophie
These two ladies are the fastest I think I’ve worked with. No idea how they are so quick – I haven’t had time to watch (they are accurate as well).

a vendangeur’s (pictoral) tale…

By Marko de Morey de la Vosne on October 05, 2013 #harvests#vintage 2013

mark de morey – burgundy harvest diary #last(?)

By Marko de Morey de la Vosne on October 18, 2010 #vintage 2010

Jumping ahead of myself but ‘inspired’ by Bill’s recent excellent photos, here’s 3 taken on the morning of taking my sad leave of Morey-St-Denis. Taken over the wall from Arlaud’s entrance for the first 2, and from the wall at the top of the car park for the bar/boulangerie, these were taken about 7.30 a.m. as the sun came up over the eastern horizon. The orange glow infused the walls of the village in a lovely way.

Enjoy !

mark de morey – burgundy harvest diary #1

By Marko de Morey de la Vosne on October 06, 2010 #vintage 2010


Got home finally about midday Tuesday UK time having left my Dover Premier Travel Inn around 5 a.m. Arrived there early last evening tres fatigue from the Calais time 4.10 p.m. ferry which I made by dint of getting my foot down more than I’d have liked and no stop for lunch having left Nuits at around 9 a.m. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed, or felt I needed, a bath so much in my life !!!

Pre my Cote departure and in a dark, rainly, back street Nuits butcher’s I did a double take & saw Etienne Grivot at the counter buying his meat !! Popped into the shop & introduced myself having only met him briefly at London January en primeur tastings before from which I’m sure he wont have remembered me – he must have thought ‘who the hell is this crazy Englishman’ ? He cautiously advised his vendange had been good.

Am cream crackered like never before after this vendange – it was sooo tough.

I’ve unpacked and am about to download my photos. Will try and write up a limited diary as I’ve hardly any notes and a dodgy memory but hope to add some amusements. Think this was my best drinking vendange of my 4 – we drank some nifty stuff – mine, Dubreuil-Fontaine’s and Arlauds. I attended the full Arlaud paulee this year, camera kept intact, cracking ‘do’, much fun had by all with dancing to circa 3 a.m from an 8.30 evening start but boy, oh boy, oh boy did I have a mal de (du ?) tete the following day and when Alex Gambal made me a thick dark black coffee it was all I could do to keep it down !!!

We finished Saturday lunchtime in a plot of Bourgogne Rouge below the ’74 between Morey and Chambolle – more like below Chambolle. Finishing Saturday meant my free day being a Sunday was less than ideal but I got in a visit to the aforementioned AG [ thought I’d better get some of that 2008 Bourgogne Blanc Bill raves about], from where I called into see Ray Walker (nice guy, lovely rented cellar, and wines being made in garagiste style !), and then spent the afternoon wandering Morey to Gevrey and familiarising myself with the Gevrey vineyards (or some of them) which I’ve never done along with photos.

You were right about Ponsot – I talked to what seemed their vineyard organiser (balding guy) on the Sunday afternoon when they were in what I think was Latricieres, no, must have been Chapelle from looking at Coates, and visualising were they were along from Clos St Denis / Clos de la Roche on the opposite down side of the road. They were out there again, or similar, on the increasingly wet Monday first thing as I drove away, with below them someone else – possibly Faiveley – as the only two outfits to have left things so late.

Only had a quick squint at Bill’s diary entries so far but reckon I’m happy to agree, meaning from my own free thoughts before / without being influenced by that (!) – reds wise CdN think this could be pretty good. Certainly Cyprien and Romain Arlaud are pretty happy to say the least.

More to follow including a reference to Raquel Welch (Welsh ?) – tres bizarre !

Mark de Morey

arlaud vendanges photos (4) le fin…

By Marko de Morey de la Vosne on October 24, 2008 #vintage 2008

The last picture selection from Mark:

The first four pictures all coming off Bonnes Mares looking towards Morey:

The last four are the team at the end ! Me bottom right front row in 111 & 112 next to Amy Winehouse look alike Sandrine.
Mark de Morey

arlaud vendanges photos (3) birthday of serge…

By Marko de Morey de la Vosne on October 23, 2008 #vintage 2008

Serge is in the grey hoodie pening the large format bottle and with the cake. Lovely man.

The rest of the party are Herve Arlaud, Romain Arlaud (dark curly hair & plaster cast on wrist) and my domaine resident fellow vendangeurs including Sophie, la belge.
Mark de Morey

arlaud vendanges photos (2)

By Marko de Morey de la Vosne on October 22, 2008 #vintage 2008

More photos from Arlaud. These are all from our first day, 27/9, picking Bourgogne Rouge grapes below the RN74. Herve Ar;aud is the grey haired guy in pale polo shirt on the right in No 12.

No 29 has one of the great larger than life characters amingst our crew, local Jean-Pierre Feral, with patron Herve Arlaud – the latter with atypical cigarette. J-PF & HA kept up a continual , ongoing banter about all & sundry even whilst we were in the vines which was the source of much constant amusement (except fully to me as I couldnt understand it unfortunately !!).
Mark de Morey

arlaud vendanges photos (1)

By Marko de Morey de la Vosne on October 21, 2008 #vintage 2008

Photos of cuverie and triage table.

Very impressive new build modern set up – must have cost a bit. 3 or 4 yrs old. The fork lift takes the metal ‘tub’ from under the sorting table and is able to rotate it to tip the grapes into the tanks.

In photo 20 Cyprien Arlaud is facing the camera foreground in the pale beige fleece. Stagiste Peter is in the black vest type T shirt and ‘above’ him is patron, Herve Arlaud – a really great guy.

Typical end of day wind down drink in the ‘refecture’ – the local vendangeurs before going home for the day. The collages on the walls behind are collections of photos of previous vintage vendanges.

The second two photos of 4 here, 16 & 15, are from the 3rd Oct just after we had ‘escaped’ the worst rain of the vendange that afternoon. I’m in the right foreground with green fleece over my waterproofs trying to stay warm – note my damp hair !! Next to me is Georges, one half of the incredible duo of two septagerian (? – seventy + yrs old both) brothers , Georges et Fernand.
Mark de Morey

arlaud vendanges – the reprise!

By Marko de Morey de la Vosne on October 20, 2008 #vintage 2008

‘Mark de Morey’ was eventually found – not at the bottom of the destemmer, rather with a full inbox in his Blackberry – de rigeur for pickers this year you know! Trying to fix both that and his cherished camera slowed him down a little, but unbowed, here’s the continuation of his story…

Domaine Arlaud Diary

Monday 29th Sept
My notes, now, several days later, tell me we did Morey Les Blanchards premier cru this morning and afternoon we did Morey Les Milandes premier cru although has been suggested we did the latter yesterday – your writer now confused.com !! By checking the Morey map in Coates latest tome am sure doing ‘Blanchards’ morning was correct – supported by one or two photos taken, including a couple of my fellow vendangeurs (male) pisse dans les vignes ! Recall the grapes looked very healthy indeed – large pendulous, clean looking, bunches from Milandes. Read more..

Burgundy Report

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