land of the comte plus a little côte de nuits & albert bichot…

Update 26.5.2018(25.5.2018)billn

Poligny is described as the capital of the Jura – the Comte cheese part anyway! Usually I pass through on my way to or from Home/Beaune – today the sun was shining, so what about some mid-morning coffee-drinking and cheese-buying?

Then a small tour from north to south in the Côte de Nuits before finishing with a cold drink in Beaune! The vines are starting to reach for the sky now – so fast is their growth – making the vineyards look much less tidy than only a week ago. Still, it’s a little too early for their first haircut!

And finally some sad news. I only met the dapper Albert Bichot once, taking a lunch with him and Albéric Bichot – maybe 10 years ago. I’d brought with me a Clos Frantin Richebourg from 1980-something [edit – it was the 1972!] – my contribution to the lunch. I have to say that my wine was the pick of all those that were at our table that day, more depth of flavour, a little more fat – it had everything – and more. The ‘more’ included a horrible dose of TCA!

Albert, who didn’t openly speak any English, looked at me, straight faced and said – ‘Don’t worry, we’ll give you your money back!‘ before bursting into a big laugh with perfect comic timing. It was my only meeting with him, but I retain fond memories of that day and him – even if I didn’t really get my money back 😉

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