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The Market
I normally use this space to speak (complain?) from my pulpit about the excesses of price increases and add a little perceived versus ‘informed’ commentary on the general market for burgundy wines. I don’t think I need labour any points this time around, rather I will only make an observation in respect of a surreal but current duality:

Some well-known producers have increased the prices of their 2007s by as much as 15% (euros ex cellar), at exactly the same same time that a majority of (their) merchants and distributors are de-stocking and not re-ordering 07s. This is happening concurrently with producers ‘letting some of their staff go’.

See what I mean by surreal?

The drop in demand is far from homogenous; village wines still sell, but many grand crus are turning into expensive ‘non-moving stock’. I don’t at this stage expect to be reporting on a significant uplift in sentiment at the end of this year…

The 2007 Vintage
Just to say that one disappointment I have about the de-stocking / full pipelines of 2006 etc., is that it is in some cases hard to get hold of 2007s. I’m going direct to producers in many cases because local merchants still prefer to sell what they have. This is a shame as the reds are lovely and relatively voluptuous wines, but more important are the whites; their combination of intensity, clean flavours and acidity make the best ones seem almost jewel-like in their impact – it’s just harder than it need be to get a ‘fix’!

The 2009 Vintage
At the risk of being blamed for opening my mouth too soon, the prospects for 2009 remain in the ascendant. The weather has been slightly better than the ‘average’, flowering times have been ‘close to the average’, and versus all recent years but 03 and 05, rot is below average.

The anticipated first harvest dates have slowly crept forward from the 10th of September to maybe the 5th of September. That means that you can harvest by day and probably enjoy ‘Jazz à Beaune‘ by night. There has been isolated hail, but none of the major communes have suffered from the destructive force that hit parts of the Hautes Côtes in July. There is of-course still time for hail, rot, odium etc. – though not too many ladybugs so far!

There you go – short and sweet! Enjoy your summer holiday season.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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