Cave de Lugny – 2013


Tasted in Lugny, 22nd April 2015 with Marc Sangoy and Marjorie Brayer. Cave de Lugny 995 Rue des Charmes 71260 Lugny Tel: +33 3 85 33 22 85+33 3 85 33 22 85 Here is another co-operative that first saw the light of day in 1927 and it is now ‘fused’ with the Cave…

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There are 2 responses to “Cave de Lugny – 2013”

  1. optombenno1st June 2015 at 12:47 pmPermalink

    Bill, I think you mean, Well Im pretty certain you mean, that the Co-ops of Lugny (in the Southern Macconnais) are associated with the co-operative of “St Gengoux de Scisse” and not with St Gengoux Le National (Formerly “Le Royal” :-)) , which is itself associated with the Buxy Co-op 🙂

    • billn1st June 2015 at 1:18 pmPermalink

      Totally! More haste, less speed – thanks for spotting David!
      Clearly there are too many St.Gengoux 😉

  2. optombenno1st June 2015 at 1:43 pmPermalink

    Bill, always a pleasure! Great to see those 2013s whites coming out well. Ive got a sense that they are like the 2011s = super white vintage generally down South. (Now heres a hint- go and have a look just North of Cluny, to Bray… 🙂 lots of interest 🙂

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