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2010 Marchand Pascal, Chambolle-MusignyMay. 2012
A lovely nose with a waxy impression and aromatic depth – very fine and pretty. The flavours are mineral and elegant – structure like fine bone china. There’s a little coconut oak in the finish – I’d be looking for that to fade, but this is a little beauty.
1969 Thomas-Bassot, Chambolle-MusignyApr. 2012
The nose needed just a few minutes to deliver its perfume of cushioned dark red fruit – perhaps not as ethereal as the first bottle, but lovely none-the-less. Once more a very clean and tasty wine delivering volume, dimension and still a little tannin. Very nice length, that’s still dominated by the fruit. What a lovely, elegant yet still robust wine.
1999 Arlaud, Chambolle-MusignyMar. 2012
Rather deeply coloured, and it still looks quite young. The nose is deep and a little meaty, yet is classically (some might say clichéd) Chambolle-Musigny with its very pretty floral top notes – the bass notes are perhaps meatier than your average Chambolle but that’s probably the slow march to maturity. Round, clearly with plenty of extract and a lovely diminuendo into the mouth-watering finish. The tannins give a little astringency if you keep the wine in your mouth, but if you ‘just drink’, the word that comes into my mind is ‘luxurious’. Young but very drinkable. I can only dream that the rest of my 99s would perform to this level right now.
2009 Pousse d'Or, Chambolle-MusignyNov. 2011
Just a hint of toasty oak on the nose; dark fruit bubbles below. Fresh, good acidity here though currently offering a rather narrow flavour-impression. There is obvious oak as a flavour component which obscures much of what I’d hope to find in a Chambolle. I like the shape of the wine but time will tell how good it is as the oak fades.
1969 Thomas-Bassot, Chambolle-MusignyOct. 2011
Older bottles of villages wines are not quite a lottery but the odds of having a great experience are similar to tossing a coin, even when well-stored. We tossed well. This time the cork was removed in one piece; the aroma was disjointed and dark to start but in the glass you needed only ten minutes for it to transform into a beautiful musky, sultry, almost velvety dark red fruit – you had to be there! In the mouth there was both volume and dimension, sweetness and good length. A clean and very tasty wine indeed – I wonder if my second bottle will be so good…
2008 Barthod Ghislaine, Chambolle-MusignySep. 2011
Good colour. The nose starts in a good way and just keeps getting better; adding dimensions of violet flowers and eventually a raspberry and recurrent impression. Energy and acidity in fine balance with a melange of red fruits. Good in the finish too – this is very lovely right now.
2009 Digioia-Royer, Chambolle-MusignyJul. 2011
From a number of parcels, with mix of vines of 45-50 years old. Ripe, high-toned fruit is supported by a baked fruit element. In the mouth the structure is currently slightly ahead of the fruit – but what elegant and pretty fruit it is – and it lingers beautifully.
2009 Jouan Henri, Chambolle-MusignyJul. 2011
From three parcels. The nose is hiding a little – very understated until it eventually widens a little. Nice intensity and a good matching acidity. It doesn’t shout Chambolle to me, but it is a pretty wine and offers excellent value.
2007 Mischief and Mayhem, Chambolle-MusignyMar. 2011
Aromatically deeper if narrower than the 09. Lovely freshness – far from a typical 07. Good structure and insinuating flavours. There is lots to like here, particularly as the fruit takes a slightly creamy reflection after a time.
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