Blind Echézeaux – 16 wines


All tasted blind in Zürich with JF Guyard, 09 March 2015.

Our wines were served in flights of 3, mainly, after which the identity of each 3 (or 4!) were shown. Quite an eclectic range of wines as we all contributed bottles from our own cellars – great fun for all.

Somehow we also found time to eat too! I suppose I should also apologise for the fact that I’m supposed to score these wines 😉

The wines…

#1 1996 Domaine René Engel
Medium, medium-plus colour – but a little cloudy. A forward, herby nose that overlays something a little faded. Fresh in the mouth – marginally ripe/off-ripe fruits. Very good intensity and quite some dimension of flavour but astringent too – maybe a not great 98? (Not Rated)

#2 1999 Jean Grivot
A much darker colour. A much tighter nose here – some higher-toned herbs overlaying a sweetness of fruit – but very tight fruit. Plenty of tannin, still, still with a little astringency, but also showing mouth-watering complexity here. A lithe and interesting, still young wine with some potential. Very long finish. (Rated 16/20)

#3 2001 Bouchard Père et Fils
Forward, sweet and warm fruit notes with a little barrel toast. Round, fine tannin that’s ripe but still with a faint grain. Lots of intensity here and a fine acid attack – reminds me of a 99 in style – really good base of fruit and a peak of flavour too. I think this very, very good. (Rated 17.5/20)

#4 1996 Jean Grivot
Deep, concentrated cordial fruit, even some attempt at a floral top-note, eventually showing a little tobacco. Big wine, with plenty of concentration and intensity. Still very good acidity, just a little rounder but not better than the last wine. I find this super but just a little more primary than the last wine – very different in form. (Rated 17.5/20)

#5 2003 Gerard Mugneret
Quite a deep colour. The nose is lithe, deep and shows some beguiling complexity – a little tight and roasted but a lot interest here. Big in the mouth but with energy, dimension, very good intensity and a long line of roast red almost porty fruit for the finish – clearly an année solaire! – Just faintly mouth-watering. This is ripe but delicious! (Rated 17/20)

#6 2003 Bocquenet
Also deeply coloured. here is a fresher and stricter nose that becomes more tobacco-like. Round and concentrated in the mouth – again with good freshness, though intense too. A little more oak impression here but quite a big wine still with plenty of ripe tannin behind. Like the last wine with a roasted fruit impression, but good stuff. (Rated 17/20)

#7 2008 Anne Gros Les Loachoses
Medium, medium-pale colour. Belying the colour the nose is still quite forward and shows a complex, high-toned floral dimension overlaying herbs. Lithe, balanced and with good intensity – flavour pouring over the palate – modest, discreet-even, but very complex. Not the weight or power of many here – more like a 1er Cru – but it’s a lesson in complexity. Super-long too. (Rated 18/20)

#8 2007 Vicomte Liger-Belair
Big, quite round and rather complex with an undertow of faint ripe fruit – super – eventually some barrel notes too. Lovely silk, lovely complexity. – wow, here is class with mouth-watering flavour and brilliant complexity – wonderful wine – despite plenty of oak flavours and even aromas, this wine can take it, no-problem. Wow wine. (Rated 19/20)

#9 2006 Mongeard-Mugneret
Medium, medium-plus. A slightly diffuse nose with some higher tones – not unattractive. Round, with decent weight of flavour and slight padding to the texture. There’s good width of flavour in the finish and its a long finish to. Very good but not really delicious. (Rated 16.5/20)

#10 2006 Robert Arnoux
Quite deep colour. A high-toned nose perhaps faintly volatile but becomes a little prettier with some floral elements. A wine that starts narrow but quickly opens and fills your mouth. There’s a little bitter chocolate component to the finishing tannins – older oak probably. Another quite large wine that whilst sort of attractive isn’t really delicious today. (Rated 16.5/20)

#11 2006 Frederic Magnien
Medium-plus colour. A more floral aromatic, big in the mouth too – similar in shape to the last two but differentiated by more freshness and energy – which really makes a vast difference, and certainly makes a very tasty wine. Good finish here. (Rated 18/20)

#12 2006 Guyon
Medium-plus colour again. A discreet but silky impression to the nose, very faintly floral too – super and serious. Bigger in scale with more tannin too but ripe tannin and blended with lots of energy and complexity. A peak of flavour after swallowing too. Some oak impression in the finish, but lots to wait for here. Seriously good wine! (Rated 18.5/20)

#13 2004 Méo-Camuzet
Oof clearly 2004 (I don’t think there’s an 11 in our list…). It’s a more mushroomy version of the 04 vernacular but… In the mouth, a fine fresh, indeed frank attack, but not very balanced, indeed it’s sharp. I suppose I’m forced to give ita higher mark than the faulty Engel… (Rated 13.5/20)

#14 2010 Richard Manière
A nose that’s pretty and delicate, with well-defined and focused red fruit notes. Wide, rather mineral and intense with salty impressions. Intense, mouth-watering flavour with a super extra dimension of complexity. Hard to drink but tons of potential. Bravo! (Rated 17.5/20)

#15 2005 Mugneret-Gibourg
A deep yet fresh nose that appears to carry weight and very faint floral notes. Wide and intense with lots of dimension but also a stark herbal flavour – full of complexity though. Slowly lingering on a kinder nose. (Rated 17/20)

#16 2006 Jean Tardy
Deep colour. Fresh, silky aroma of good weight – not particularly complex but very engaging. Big, lithe, intense with fine power and intensity. The flavour grows to peak where you must swallow or spit (I have to drive – unfortunately!). Plenty of structure but all is very finely balanced. (Rated 18.5/20)

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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