Why Big Red Diary?
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2006 Clair Francoise et Denis, SantenayDec. 2008
Medium cherry-red colour. A very nice width of high-toned fruit on the nose, slowly it takes on a clear red berry complexion. Good depth and a furry texture on the palate. The acidity is nicely balanced and the medium-weight flavours last very well. A six-pack offered for 93 Swiss francs is a bit of a bargain for a wine with such personality.
2005 Clair Francoise et Denis, SantenayAug. 2007
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red. The nose starts like cherryade and whilst it becomes a little finer, on day one it never loses the intense cherry although in the background there’s an additional mineral edge. Day two it’s much more interesting with a red berry note behind the cherry – very nice. The main impression on the palate is a rather forward acidity – it’s clean and lingering but certainly pronounced – for all that it has quite some intensity. Day two it’s a little rounder. It’s nice enough wine, and without some of the extra ripeness of many from this vintage. It’s not very expensive yet becomes ever-more serious if you give it enough time. In 2005 there’s a lot of competition at the lower price points, this is good but doesn’t excel.
2004 Giroud Camille, SantenayJul. 2006
Deeper, redder nose than the bourgogne, high floral tones and some minerality. Sweet palate with very good acidity that is forward and just a little racy – but not aggressively so. Should age very nicely on this balance, just a little faint drying tannin on the finish. This is a world away from most 2003 Santenays, but I rather like it.
1999 Clair Francoise et Denis, SantenayMar. 2006
Medium-plus ruby-red colour. Sumptuous nose, deep, heavy and ripe cherry fruit. In the mouth it’s nicely round, concentrated and ripe, yet well balanced. Not much more to say really, but it’s a still young wine that reminds me of 2003. Great value and heartily recommended.
1999 Latour Louis, SantenayJul. 2005
Medium ruby red. The nose is very powdery and slightly spicy but showing an undercurrent of red fruit. The palate is a bit of a let-down, not even middle-weight flavour or concentration and a slightly strange aftertaste – storage or the wine? Not sure, but this bottle isn’t worthy of the vintage the appellation or the producer.
1998 Potel Nicolas, SantenayJul. 2004
From a half bottle. Deep, healthy colour. The nose is a faintly oak influenced melange of red and black, slowly develops a nice creme brulee note. The palate is big and sweet with very good acidity and plenty of tannins – they are very slightly bitter, but not overly astringent. Tons of fruit, though its a somewhat stewed black and red mix. Good finish. Brusque and bold – I enjoyed every drop!
1998 Potel Nicolas, SantenayNov. 2003
Medium cherry red – looks very young – perhaps just a little lighter at the rim. Bright redcurrant nose, some raspberry and strawberry too – must admit, unlike many tasters I don’t often find strawberry in reds. The palate has excellent acidity and medium tannins which are quite smooth if very drying. Despite how mouth-wateringly juicy this wine is, there seems a lack of depth on the palate. Certainly tasty and has very pure fruit but I would have preferred a little more oomph!
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