2008 Croix (des) Beaune

By billn on July 08, 2010

Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is a lovely thing; it’s not overly effusive or very deep, but it’s a thing of detail and clarity – initially some whiffs of wood but an hour afterwards quite beguiling dark red fruit. In the mouth, like many 08s, it’s freshness personified and may not be to the taste of everyone, but like the nose there are middle-weight fruit flavours that are a clarion of clarity. The finish is, no surprise, driven by the acidity. For my taste there’s ‘just’ enough balance today, it’s precise and enjoyable, but it’s not for lovers of sweetly plush wines, it could be a tougher proposition in its ‘middle years’ though.

1998 Jadot Louis Beaune

By on December 01, 2009 #asides

This has medium, medium-plus colour – relatively dark and young looking for a 10 year-old. The nose is showing some maturity with blood, iron, graphite – rare Chateaubriand. With time, there are faint oxidised notes which rather disconcertingly gives me the the overall impression that it smells more like Chianti than Beaune, but that’s short-lived, additional time builds a slightly musky base – seems more like burgundy now! Good acidity and a decent base of grainy, almost velvety tannin that appears in the mid-palate – hardly any astringency now. The fruit has a dark-red sweet-sour presence, but is well (sweet-sour) balanced. Medium length. I would say that this is approaching its plateau of maturity – another couple of years should do it – and given its relative power, it should hold there for at at lease a decade…

2005 Maillard Père et Fils Beaune

By on May 01, 2009 #asides

Medium-plus colour. The nose starts with sweet, toasty caramel oak and some associated savoury notes – over time it has a more floral, violets dimension. Sweet fruit with glinting acidity – it’s a nice balance – the tannin of the backbone has depth but is fine and ripe. Relatively linear in the mid-palate – I’m not sure if that’s because it’s tight or because I just finished a Griottes! Well-made and tasty wine.

2002 Bouchard Père et Fils Beaune

By on March 01, 2005 #asides

Medium-plus cherry-red. The nose has an initial blast of oak but then it’s gone. What’s left is a lovely pure red cherry expression, perhaps some strawberry too. The sweet palate is at once softer but more intense that the previous wine. The acidity is very balanced and the tannins pass you by hardly with a note, though they coat your gums well enough if you wait. Just a slight high-toned astringency to the finish but probably nothing to be concerned about. This is a lovely wine though today I’d plump for the Côte du Beaune, longer term I still might prefer the Côte…

1999 Jadot Louis Beaune

By on March 01, 2005 #asides

Medium, medium-plus cherry-red. The nose has deep and inviting red fruit with still a little ashy oak showing. In the mouth there’s good volume and forward but smooth acidity that continues to sparkle on the finish easily longer than 30 seconds. The tannins are well hidden and like the nose there’s still some oak showing, particularly on the finish. Very good villages but it would be best to wait for another 2 or 3 years for the next bottle.

1998 Jadot Louis Beaune

By on July 01, 2004 #asides

A deep ruby core with just a trace of amber towards the rim. The nose is meaty and at the same time high toned – latent traces of oak too. A sweet palate, though the svelte tannins show in quite a dry fashion they are quite in balance. A medium length, tasty and pleasing wine. Like most of Jadot’s wines this will benefit from further storage, but an hour in a decanter is all you need with this one.

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