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I was surprised by the response to the first issue as over 100 of you decided to write with comments! Over time I've updated the design in-line with readers requests about accessibility. What I was most surprised by was the number of questions about the 'independence', or otherwise, of Burgundy-Report and who actually provides the tasting notes, hence, despite this not being a personal publicity vehicle, here is the terrible truth; I make all the tastings.

I should say that unless it's actually with a producer, you can assume that the whole bottle was consumed - not two thimble-fulls then a quick spit before moving to next sample. There is, of course, space for other writers, that being the case you will know for sure. I don't really class myself as a critic, because I enjoy wine. I sometimes read reviews and wonder if the reviewer is physically capable of enjoying any wine! Of course, not being a 'critic' will still allow me to describe the good and the bad but these are my personal thoughts, so you can take or leave them as wish - and I tend to find something to enjoy in most wines.

My Burgundian education started in a cellar in Beaune way back (it seems way back!) in 1997. My main aim today is keeping my wine cellar within the confines of my actual cellar, 90%+ of the bottles come from Burgundy. I have a 'real' job, Burgundy-Report is pure escapism, but I derive from it the pleasure of tasting with the producers and then drinking those bottles with friends and family. I have no wine-trade connections - other than buying - so I would say that means that Burgundy-Report is completely independant!

Since I started Burgundy-Report at the end of 2002 the audience has grown each year; today, roughly 2,000 unique visitors per day find their way to the site - nearer 10,000 the day a new report comes online - I still find it surprising.

In 2008 I began accepting occasional advertising. Not too 'in your face' and only from solvent, well reputed retailers. It went without saying that I tried to minimise any potential for conflicts of interest - both yours and mine - but in the end I found it made the site a bit untidy so I stopped in 2009!

Bill Nanson, April 2011  

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