1966 Leroy (Maison) Meursault Poruzots

By on October 01, 2006 #asides

Golden, with just a little brown. Plenty of oxidative notes on the nose, wide, lanolin, toffeed. There is phase where this is like an old Graves, eventually becoming creamier, then sweet apple-skins and treacle tart before stabilising as tarte-tartin, the oxidative notes remain. Super acidity with mouthwatering length, the toffeed oxidation runs like a spine through the wine, but it never becomes sherryish, this wine is very-much alive. It’s a style that I don’t love yet I’m terribly impressed by, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this wine improved for the whole of the 25 minutes it lasted in my glass.

1966 Leroy (Maison) Corton

By on October 01, 2006 #asides

Medium colour, only a little amber at the rim – belies its 40 years – there’s a healthy dose of ’solids’ in the bottom of my glass so not totally bright. The nose starts wide and quickly gets deeper and deeper, very interesting and not a little ‘glossy’ in aspect. The nose goes much deeper than the Vosne if considerably less spicy and smokey. The first impression is sweetness, just a little bite to the tannin and freshness – squeaky clean in fact. This wine is long, seriously long. I must say it’s hard to pick specifics (it’s always the same with old reds), this is an incredibly impressive wine that went perfectly with the ravioli dish. A timeless wine that given age, quality and provenance, shows good value, though surprisingly I didn’t get the ‘wow’ factor.

1966 Leroy (Maison) Chapelle-Chambertin

By on October 01, 2006 #asides

Medium colour, like the 66 Corton only a little amber at the rim and also like the Corton, not totally bright. The nose is really wide and interesting, lots of high-toned aspects – perhaps a little lifted – over a base of Gevrey earth. Really perfect, wonderful satin texture. The balance is exceptional, you have to search out the components as they meld together so brilliantly well – nothing sticks out – apart (of-course) for the explosion on the mid palate – this is a dynamite wine – and the super length. This provided the ‘wow’ factor, and did so after following the Latricières! Value is personal, but I see it in spades here.

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