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Random ruminations…

As usual in the summer I don’t like to overburden you with too much here – besides there’s not so much news as everyone (almost) in the Côtes is on holiday right now!

So just a few things:

  1. Beaune
    Beaune is hard to sell and easy to drink – but it’s not ‘too easy’ to drink. Quality can be top-draw yet the pricing is often derisory – at least if you’re selling. Given that I don’t have paying subscribers I can concentrate on the least fashionable areas if and when I want to. This issue is all about producers of Beaune that I find interesting – subtitled ‘the lost grand cru…’ I hope you enjoy it.
    [Here’s a good place to give thanks to Jean-Claude Rateau, Geoffroy Choppin de Janvry and Christophe Bouchard who each agreed to tramp the vineyards of Beaune with me. In particular Christophe Bouchard who put a whole afternoon at my disposal to compare how the different vineyards clogged up our boots with clay! So much so that we (okay, I) ran out of time for the tasting of Bouchard Père Beaunes that they’d set up for me; sorry for that 🙂 ]
  2. Seals
    Not the furry kind! Laurent Ponsot having been preempted by Clive Coates (see the section on bottling) on his 2007s and then denying he was going to release those 2007s that way, has, it appears only needed an extra year to be convinced. His 2008s have been released with new Ardea plastic ‘corks’ – I’ll stick with calling it the Ardea seal from now!
    I’ve tried them at home and clearly the are not the finished item in terms of ease of extraction – they will stick on your Screwpull, and are hard to dislodge with your lever-pull and God only knows what will happen with an ‘Ah-So’. But if the underlying work has been done as described by the producer and Laurent Ponsot, then in 40 years time I will have a great wine waiting for me – at the moment I have only one complaint; I’m just not sure if I’ll have the strength to remove the seal!
    I do, however, congratulate LP on not being prepared to tolerate cork-derived faults with his wines. These are his words on the subject.
  3. Oxidation
    Via contacts in the BIVB I did put plenty of stuff in the public domaine concerning aspects of their research ‘to-date’. I’d hoped to have an update for this report, but holidays and other commitments intervened. I should pick up the baton again in September during the harvest, or otherwise in October…
    I think that Blair Pethel has a very ‘sane’ approach.

Wishing you full enjoyment for any summer break that you feel entitled to!

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  1. Paul

    Many thanks for the info. As a sommelier in Las Vegas and an old Burgundy-sipper (in more ways than one), I appreciate the updates since I can not get there as often as I like.

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